Intel Makes DDR3 Netbooks 14mm Thick with Canoe Lake

The past couple of months have been quite abundant in leaks and rumors that spoke of possible and probable arrivals of dual-core and/or DDR3-supporting netbooks. Though still meant as entry-level mobile PCs, these laptops seem to be in need of better multimedia capabilities in order to not suffer overmuch from the rise of the tablet. Now that Computex has started, these rumors and leaks are beginning to be proven true.

Of course, the first confirmation comes from Intel itself, which has just issued a press release
describing not just new or upcoming processors, but even a certain technology that will make ultra portable systems slimmer than they have ever been. The Santa Clara, California-based chip maker even hinted at the approach of the 'port of choice' software strategy.

The 14mm thick netbook prototype
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The fresh members of the Atom CPU family are the Atom N455 and N475. They have clock speeds of 1.66GHz and 1.83GHz, respectively, and, as already mentioned, support for DDR3 memory. Basically, upcoming netbooks should run better in all areas. The other point of interest in the giant's announcement was the “Canoe Lake” innovation platform, which should lead to a netbook thickness of just 14 millimeters. Not only that, but Intel even revealed plans for the making of Atom System-on-Chip (SoC) processors, for smartphones, cars, handhelds, TVs and tablets.

In addition to new computing platforms and chips, the company demonstrated its 'port of choice' software strategy. Basically, this should enable cross-device experiences, regardless of whether the OS is Windows, MeeGo or made by Google (Chrome, Android). Finally, while the Atom N455 and N475 are already available, the 1.6GHz D425 and 1.8GHz D5252 (CPUs aimed at nettops and AiOs) will only arrive on June 21.

"Intel believes the strength of the Atom franchise can help consumers realize the true potential for a common experience to enable the compute continuum," said David (Dadi) Perlmutter, executive vice president and co-general manager, Intel Architecture Group. "With platforms ranging from compact and portable netbooks, to Smart TV experiences and innovative tablets designs, Intel Architecture is driving innovative products based on a unique 'port of choice' software strategy."

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